What is a Master Plan?

A road map for the future

A Master Plan typically includes elements such as:

  • Land Use

  • Population and Housing Demographics

  • Economic Development

  • Natural and Cultural Resources

  • Open Space and Recreation

  • Transportation and Circulation

  • Town Services and Facilities

A Master Plan is a statement of a community's intent about what it wants for its future and a statement of intent to carry out the plan by those with responsibility for doing so.

It describes where, how, and at what pace a community wants to develop physically, economically, and socially.

The CMRPC Approach

CMRPC’s approach to the West Brookfield Master Plan project centers on furthering our already extensive knowledge of the community by immersing the project team in the historical and existing conditions of the community. We will also develop a thorough understanding of what citizens and other stakeholders hold as a vision for the town and develop goals, objectives, and actions that put the town on a path toward meeting that vision. Related to future direction, extensive public outreach will be a key aspect of how CMRPC will gain an understanding of the vision that the community holds.

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