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The Master Plan Survey is now closed!

Thank you to the 322 residents who took the time fill out the survey! The survey is a very important component of the Master Plan and the results will help us create goals and strategies for the Town's future.

Hard copies are available for pick-up and drop off at these 5 locations in town:

Senior Center

Town Hall

U.S. Post Office

Merriam-Gilbert Public Library

Country Corner Store

June 22, 2017


To those who attended the 2nd Master Plan Community Event at the Salem Cross Inn on June 22, thank you so much for taking the time to discuss the community survey results and to begin the process of creating goals and strategies for the town.


If you missed the event, below you can view the presentation slides, summary survey results, full survey results, notes taken at the meeting, as well as pictures and a video from both sessions.

Click the slideshow to browse photos taken during both sessions

Click image to view a summary of the survey results

Click the slideshow to view notes taken during both sessions

Click image to view PowerPoint presentation

March 22, 2017


Thank you to all who came out to the community event on March 22! There was a fantastic turnout and we appreciate your input as we begin the Master Plan process.  If you could not make it to the event, you can view the PowerPoint presentation slides, video, and pictures of the event here:

Click image to view PowerPoint presentation

Click image to view the complete survey results

Click image to browse photos of the event

Click image to browse photos of the "dot exercise" **

**For those who were not in attendance:

After the presentations, everyone broke out into 8 focus groups based on the chapters of the Master Plan (i.e. Transportation, Open Space and Recreation, etc.) to discuss the strengths and challenges of that chapter as it applies to the town. Master Plan Committee members reported out to the room what was discussed in their assigned focus groups. Finally, all participants were given 12 dot stickers to walk around the room and assign to topics they think are of the highest priority for West Brookfield. 

Community Updates

Click the slideshow to browse photos taken during the event

Click image to view PowerPoint presentation

Click slideshow to view boards from the sticker activity

Click slideshow to view sticker options from the sticker activity

In this activity, groups were provided with one large map of the town and one set of "land use stickers". Groups were required to discuss the stickers and decide where they should be applied on the map.

Click the document to view the Vision 2027 exercise

Click the chart to view the results of

the Vision 2027 exercise

September 19, 2017


The final Master Plan Community Event held at the West Brookfield Elementary School on September 19 was a successful and productive event. Thank you to all who attended the event, we had a great turnout! Your input and feedback are invaluable guides as we come closer to the final stages of developing the town's Master Plan.

If you were unable to attend the event, below you can view the presentation slides, pictures, a video of the evening, and results from the vision exercise and "West Brookfield bucks" exercise.

Click chart to view results from the "West Brookfield bucks" activity

In this final activity, each person was given $100 in "West Brookfield bucks" and asked to spend this money on any combination of preservation, schools, town services, planning and studies, town facilities, or other. The activity's dollars are intended to loosely represent an allocation of tax dollars. 

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