Master Plan Committee 

Keith Arsenault, Chair 

Keith is a present and past member of the West Brookfield Planning Board and Road Advisory Committee. He served as the Town Treasurer of West Brookfield from 1992 to 2014. Additionally, Keith is a past member of the School Regionalization Study Committee, Elementary School Building Committee, Long Term Capital Planning Committee, and Advisory Committee.  

Abraham Brown

Craig Carter

Craig has been working with the planning committee since 2016 and has been actively working on the Master plan project prior to his appointment to the Master Plan Committee in the fall of 2016.  Craig brings to the Committee over 20 years of business experience and knowledge from his professional career, and he has been educated at Worcester State University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a focus in Business Administration and Computer Science.  He has been resident in our community since 2015 and his children have been schooled here in West Brookfield since 2012.   Craig also is active in the Town’s Sports Recreational programs (Baseball, Basketball) and has a vested interest in keeping the town fiscally moving in the right direction.

Gordon DeWolf

Gordon is an active member of the Stormwater Committee, Conservation Commission, Agricultural Committee, as well as serving on the Master Plan Committee. As a retired college professor, Gordon is passionate about botany and horticulture. He is an avid animal lover, particularly of horses, cats, and dogs, as well as a proud “tree-hugger”. Gordon celebrated his 90th birthday this year and he brings much insight and experience to West Brookfield’s planning committees.  

MJ Haesche

MJ has been a resident of West Brookfield since 1999. MJ’s history of community involvement includes the Friends of the Library Ramp Canopy Building Committee, the Police Department Spatial Needs Committee, the White Christmas Committee, and most recently, as a member of the Wickaboag Sportsmen's Club Education Committee. Additionally, MJ has been involved in the 5th Grade Essay Competition since its inception in 2010. She is a registered architect as well as an avid bird hunter and dog trainer.

Tim Morrell

Tim is currently serving his third term on the Planning Board, in addition to his service on the Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee, Stormwater Committee, Agricultural Commission, and Master Plan Committee. He is a horse farmer, horse trainer, and horseshoer.

Wesley Slobody

Wes serves as a member of the Planning Board and Agricultural Commission in addition to his service on the Master Plan Committee. His interests include Golf, Horses, Finance, and Basketball.

Diane Vayda

Diane has served on the West Brookfield Board of Selectman for 4 years, Advisory Board for 5 years, and the Quaboag Regional School Committee for 10 years. She also serves on the West Brookfield Earth Removal Board and the West Brookfield Roads Advisory Committee. In past years Diane has volunteered her time with the West Brookfield Parent-Teacher Group, Youth Soccer, West Brookfield Cultural Council, American Red Cross, as well as serving as a Sacred Heart CCD Instructor. She has been a resident of West Brookfield for 30 years.  

Melinda Czub, Secretary

The Master Plan Committee (MPC) is a group of town residents appointed by the Board of Selectman.  Initial appointments to the Committee were made in June and September 2016.  During this time, the MPC, working on behalf of the Town, sought funding to undertake the first Town Master Plan.  Once the funding was approved, the MPC created and posted a Request for Proposals.  In late December 2016, the MPC selected the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission to embark on a 10 month process to assist the MPC in creating a Master Plan. 

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